The Method to Good Marketing

Witmer Group has some major brain power. Gals who have to work hard for our money (you said it, Donna…). I went to the store the other day to get cleaning supplies. A blue bottle at Target caught my eye: Method Bathroom Cleaner. Didn’t think much of it and plopped it in my basket. I just liked the “non-toxic” label and perfect blue hue.
I loved it. Used in my bathroom and it cleaned and shined up the counters, bathtub and shower walls. The eucalyptus mint scent lingered in the air for a long while. I learned it’s safe to breathe in, which is great since my five-year-old son likes to “help” me out with the chores, spraying and spraying and spraying alongside me.
The directions read: “to use: spray. wipe. admire.” Simple, truthful (I later found out…), endearingly cheerful. If you read the whole bottle you’ll find a tone that feels like a trusted friend. This product has hooked me. I have bottles of Method waiting in the wings and use it in any room with a non-porous surface. Method does exactly what it promises: Cleans naturally and makes your place smell swell!
Witmer Group is a Method metaphor. We use the method of technology to make your marketing work better in a non-toxic, simple, truthful and endearingly cheerful way. The only difference is that Witmer Group does the spraying and wiping. Our hope is that our clients simply have to admire the results.
We’d love to share our marketing methods with your business. Drop us a note and let’s chat.

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