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Our eyes brighten and our ears perk up when we start talking about digital marketing and the business problems it can solve. We love helping our clients extend their brand and promote themselves online.


Over 20 years in marketing and advertising with an early start in the digital space. Nerdy and loves creative solutions.

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Managing Partner

Boundless creativity comes spinning out of her brain. She pushes the edges of the box to find exactly what you need.

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Managing Director

Her creativity is enhanced by her ability to drive a project to the finish line. She brings order to chaos and makes it sparkle.

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Joo Ann 
Data Scientist

Joo Ann specializes in data visualization, advanced statistical methods and machine learning in digital analytics. A creative + analytics nerd, she is never out of ideas to test, and questions to ask.

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Content Manager

A talented, passionate writer, Jane’s love of her craft shines in her content. She gets to the heart of any communication project, finessing and crafting her work with precision and expertise.

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Director of Content Marketing and SEO

15+ years of online marketing, SEO, and copywriting experience. Connoisseur of the written and spoken word. Speaks fluent geek, nerd, and quasi-intellectual.

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Jim Witmer social media

Content Creator

It's all in the details.
Jim takes pride in creating content and graphics that capture a clients brand and message.

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Rebekah Gordon content

Content Coordinator

Managing content for clients with style and finesse, Rebekah supports accounts with top notch customer service.

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Communications Coordinator

Offering an edge when it comes to social media and modern forms of advertising.

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Web Developer

Bringing corporate branding to WordPress design and development, and making it look easy.

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