Our Approach to Marketing Support

Witmer Group is a Dallas based digital marketing team made up of a diverse group of talented individuals with a broad range of experience in advertising, marketing, data science, content creation, social media and project management.

Our process is a well-planned collaboration with our clients and our internal teams to create integrated marketing strategies that support our clients’ digital marketing and branding efforts.

Our approach is the ultimate combination of inventive, flexible and functional.

We use data from a variety of sources (Google Analytics, SEO Tools, industry metrics) to propose and implement our solutions. This forces us to rely on a process that involves more checks and balances so that we can refine the solution as client projects move forward.

Our goal is to develop more effective solutions as well as new techniques using existing technologies to meet your needs along the way. All while not being held back by old ways of thinking.

We are flexible with our clients' digital marketing efforts because we understand that business fluctuates. Things move fast, players change, and goals evolve. Staying in tune with market changes and economic highs and lows gives us an advantage in providing our clients what’s most needed at any given time.

Some of our services include web development, digital advertising, social media, online reputation, data analysis, search ranking, SEO and content creation.

Witmer Group has an entrepreneurial culture which encourages new ideas and change. We enjoy our work and believe having fun is a big part of working together. So, we smile and laugh a lot. This kind of positivity guides us to new discoveries about ourselves and our work. We actively and happily participate in many community events and activities, including organizations that support women in business and new business development.

We are located in Addison, Texas providing coverage for the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We also have a branch location in Columbus, Georgia led by Lori Gordon, serving the greater Atlanta area.

Witmer Group has been active in these markets for the better part of ten years, supporting clients in many different vertical markets, including technology, medical, education, financial, insurance, and retail.

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