Explore our Case Studies to view real-world examples of our communication, lead generation, and social marketing solutions. Get insights into our development process, featuring a range of projects from HubSpot onboarding and implementation to web design and lead magnet strategy. Our approach is consistent across all marketing endeavors, involving in-depth project immersion, thoughtful inquiry, audience empathy, and the creation of strategic, belief-driven solutions.

Marketing Services

Witmer Group has proven a win for us with the ability to create the most relevant content and make a substantial difference in boosting brand awareness. The WG team has been a success in contributing to new, viable leads that result in new business.

The strategic partnership between Witmer Group and Denovo streamlined Denovo's marketing efforts and set a new standard for future collaborations.


Kristina and her team launched multiple simultaneous core initiatives to increase brand awareness and traffic. These comprehensive campaigns provided the scale needed to boost WorkSpace's brand recognition within the McKinney area.

"Partnering with Witmer Group has given us comfort knowing that our marketing needs are covered. Kristina and her team handle the brand building we need to support our growth."

- Lance Black, WorkSpaces CEO

The lack of a digital marketing program meant that AMSEC was missing out on growing its brand and generating new leads through social media, email marketing, and other online channels. 

“We were absolutely thrilled with the work that Witmer Group did for us. However, it got to the point where we realized we needed a full-time internal marketing department because of the great results we saw with Witmer Group,
Kristina and her team were great to work with—they were easy to talk to, very responsive, and picked up on our business very quickly. Our digital presences wouldn’t be where it is today without their expert help.”.

American Security (AMSEC)

Continental Battery needed a more flexible, agile, and competitively priced
marketing agency that would help them along the journey of improving their digital presence and communications.

“We’re extremely pleased with the work that Witmer Group has done and is still currently doing for Continental Battery Systems. Over the past few years, we’ve grown and expanded tremendously, and Kristina and her team of marketing experts have provided us with top-notch and excellent support,”

- Eric Royse CEO - Continental Battery Systems

HubSpot Management

Great product, great service

"Witmer was outstanding, helping us quickly migrate to HubSpot for our marketing campaigns and other internal processes. One of the greatest benefits of our Witmer partnership: they focus on our own business success, not just system capability."
Services provided - Customer Marketing, Email Marketing, and HubSpot Onboarding
Bob Foster

Effective Onboarding!

"Witmer Group led us through our company's HubSpot onboarding process. All the benefits we wanted to achieve from buying HubSpot, Witmer Group guided us to achieve them!"
Services provided - HubSpot Onboarding
Russell Bohannon - Anders Group

Fantastic Project Completion!

"Witmer Group helped create the content and designed our website in a very short period of time. Our internal estimates were 4-5x the amount of time. Witmer Group was amazing, Kristina and her team worked fast. We continue to use Kristina and the Witmer Group team. "
Services provided - Website Development, Content Creation, Website Design
David MacGrandle CFO Denovo

Flexible - Adaptive - Creative

"Witmer Group supported us in our HubSpot Implementation and the desired transference of sales and CRM systems into a new environment. The original scope morphed numerous times due to our learning curve and they continued to adapt to whatever we needed. Their ability to learn/adapt and understand businesses and help businesses understand themselves was the greatest benefit of all"
Services provided - CRM Migration and Customer Support Training
Daniel Spaeth

Witmer Group Working for Me!

"Witmer Group believes in my new business venture. They are very encouraging and have come up with a lot of ways to help me promote my business through my Website design, blogs, emails, and Social Media."
Services provided - Public Relations,  Social Media
Sherry Erickson  - Education Management

Thorough and Patient Onboarding!

Services provided - HubSpot Onboarding

Website Development

RunTriMag.com needed help turning a vision of an interactive magazine for endurance sports athletes into a reality.

“Kristina and her team surpassed all of my expectations. They were able to take the mobile app API data and display it beautifully on our new website,” said Jason. “The colors, the fonts, the interactivity—everything worked flawlessly.”
“Yes, there were a few technical hiccups along the road, especially when I asked Kristina to increase the scope mid-project. But she and her team adapted on the fly and made things happen. She exhibited authentic leadership and the ability to take control of a dynamic situation with multiple moving parts.

At the end of the day, I have gotten multiple compliments on the look, feel, and interactivity of the website. I had a unique vision that included a lot of side roads which required extensive customization, and Kristina and her team executed on that and made it into a reality. Can’t find a better partner when it comes to designing a website.”

Jason Bahamundi, RunTriMag

Expertise, Creativity and Talent!

"The website looks great, it is just what we were looking for to represent our firm to our present and future clients. We appreciate you and your staff guiding us with your expertise, creativity and talent!"

Don - BMA Architects

THE CHALLENGE: A Broken Website Almost as Antique as the 100-Year-Old Buildings Themselves.

Witmer Group had their work cut out for them as they had to build a lot of the new features from scratch. Once completed, Witmer Group presented Dallas Heritage Village with a modern and beautiful website.

Rentals & Events Manager and Educational Coordinator - Dallas Heritage Village

Our process is the same regardless of the type of marketing work.

  • immerse ourselves into the project discovery
  • ask questions to better understand the challenge
  • put ourselves in the mindset of the target audience
  • develop strategic marketing solutions we believe in

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