witmer branding design strategy

The first impression people get of your organization makes all of the difference. Our branding approach is based on a collaborative effort with our clients to define the most relevant and effective means of extending their organizations’ overall brand design and position with their audience while excavating their unique selling points.

Our Brand Development Process

1. Where are we now?
You need to know where your brand is and where it seems to be going. We review existing research about your target audience to answer questions such as:

    • Which competitors do you really need to worry about?
    • Who are your target audience groups and what do they want?
    • What is your brand’s personality?

2. Where could we be?
Here is where we partner with you to identify the future for your brand. We develop the Branding Idea – the big idea that becomes an ownable, enduring expression that gives your employer brand meaning, distinction and recognition. It becomes the heart of every communication.

3. How can we get there?
This phase involves the development of the creative messaging and how the Branding Idea will be communicated.

Start building your brand...

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