Compelling CTAs Will Generate New Leads with Legs

What is a CTA? Better known as a Call-to-Action, a CTA can be many things: an invitation, an offer, an event, a tool, a solution, a product demo, a coupon, a webinar, a podcast, an eBook, a newsletter, (whew)…need I say more?  A CTA is so much more than just the closing line of your blog,  email, or other communication. For all of its varied tasks, the lead role of a CTA is to motivate your reader to take action.

While your CTA may wear different hats, remember to use it strategically throughout your communication. For instance, you wouldn’t include a product demo CTA on a blog post created for brand new visitors. That comes later. Also, a quality CTA is more than just a neon “Click Here” button inserted in your website or email. Your CTA must be an eye-catching standout, contrasting with your website or wherever it appears.

Make it crystal clear to people so they will know exactly what will happen when they click on a CTA. Be explicitly detailed about what action to take and what they will receive. While it may sound elementary to focus this much on explaining your CTA, you will experience more follow-through and thus more leads when you clarify your message.

To make your CTA more effective, take your reader to a dedicated landing page rather than a random page on your website. A CTA is still a CTA if it points to a “contact us” page (which isn’t a landing page), but it won’t be as effective driving leads and customers as a specific, focused landing page.  

As a HubSpot Partner, Witmer Group will help you leverage the HubSpot platform to accelerate engagement with more qualified prospects. It’s easy to create many different types of CTAs in HubSpot. With access to numerous useful tools, you will learn how to convert more of your visitors into qualified leads with calls-to-action you can personalize, test, and optimize.

Access Your Creative Gene

You don’t need a design background to create click-worthy CTAs. Using HubSpot’s CTA builder shows you how to create professional-looking CTA buttons or pop-ups in a few simple steps. You can also create a CTA of your own just as easily.

Once you insert your CTAs into web pages, landing pages, blog posts, and emails, you will turn every piece of content into a gateway for conversion.

Personalize CTAs for Each Visitor 

Tailor your CTAs for individual visitors to accelerate your conversion rate. Personalize CTAs using any detail in your contacts database, like persona, industry, lifecycle stage, and more, so you’re dynamically displaying the most relevant and effective CTAs to move leads further down the funnel.

You can even tailor CTAs to anonymous visitors based on their location, device, referral source, or preferred language to customize the experience for everyone, even if they’re first-time site visitors

A/B Test, Analyze, and Optimize Your CTAs Performance

Optimize your CTAs to generate more conversions with the same amount of traffic by setting up A/B tests to create two or more variations of each CTA. Test any variable from copy and design to destination links to identify the version of your CTA that outperforms the others.

Manage all your CTAs in one dashboard and see how many views, clicks, and conversions each one is generating across all your pages so you can make data-driven decisions and leave guesswork behind.Expanding your strategies for effective CTAs is an easy, rewarding next step. All it takes is connecting with the qualified source to guide you on your journey. Witmer Group is your guide. Book a Hubspot Discovery Call Today!