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Within our Research & Analytics Services, Witmer Group provides business analytics which allow professionals to make pivotal organizational decisions with the information data provides. We will show you how to measurably improve your campaign performance, increase your ROI and save time, money, and resources in one fell swoop.

Customer Profile & Personas

Creating the ideal customer profile is a powerful tool, whether you call it segmentation, personas, or profiling. It simply means you have a laser-focused image of your customers – who they are, what they want, how they shop, and much more. The ideal customer profile will help you determine what messages motivate those customers as well as the most effective way to deliver those messages.

By taking a data-driven approach to marketing, you are uniquely positioned to craft the ideal customer no matter what business you’re in.

  • No assumptions, no guesswork, we base personas on your own historical customer data.
  • Business to Customer profiles or Business to Business profiles, we can do both. Your customers are as unique as your business. They cannot be truly understood as neighborhoods, business categories or marital status.
  • Data sourced from many different databases, integrated into a single set of spot-on personas. We integrate that information and distill it into personas that are unique to your business.
  • Your profile is 100% unique to your company, starting with your actual customers and building the ideal customer profile that is exclusive for your business – not just a broad business category.

Website User Engagement

With Google Analytics 4 website analytics, we can help you set up multiple events and tag them as conversions for your reporting. Knowing more about how your users are interacting from the time they land on your website and when they leave does not have to be a mystery. Benefits include:

  • Build a metrics-based view of your website visitors.
  • Run reports for yourself, your colleagues, your boss, or your clients.
  • Track which conversions targets have been met and where you are falling short.
  • Track outbound link clicks, internal link clicks image clicks, PDF downloads, video views, form submits, scroll depth percentage and more.
  • Create specific events based on multiple conditions, for maximum granularity.
  • With Google Tag Manager, you can manage ALL your website platforms – even non-Google products.

Website Messaging & Positioning

Think of Website Messaging & Positioning as the benefit your customers get when they use your product or service. The positioning gives your business competitive differentiation in the market by occupying a strategic position in the customer's mind. Businesses communicate their value and connect with their customers through messaging.

Positioning comes before messaging because it is the bedrock on which messaging is built. Without first taking the time to establish what sets your solution apart from the rest of the market, there’s no logical way to highlight its key benefits to your target persona(s).

Within Witmer Group services, we will analyze the client’s website in conjunction with the websites of three competitors: two which have similar services and one that offers off-the-shelf dashboard solutions, for contrast. The key project phases of this process include:

  • Internal Discovery
  • Evaluation Diagram Development
  • Competitor Research
  • Client Messaging Analysis
  • Findings & Recommendations Report

After discovery, we will develop a multi-dimensional diagram for analyzing competitor’s messaging around custom dashboard services. By evaluating up to three client-specified competitors, based on the public website on-page copy and other assets (like PDFs, videos, etc.), using schema.

By drawing a comparison and contrast of client to competitors, we would then classify how client is messaging its custom dashboard services offering according to the above-developed schema.

Data Enhancement

Because things change, over a course of a year about one-third of your customer contact and CRM data becomes obsolete. People change jobs, retire, change phone numbers, relocate, and numerous other reasons all of which change impacts your data.

Cleaning up and enhancing your data is an essential task that can make or break your sales efforts for years to come. Turn your data into tangible results that will make a measurable difference for your sales team. Data Hygiene Services and Data Enhancement include a variety of possible areas from email validation to suppression to data append.

Let Witmer Group help you harness the power of your data. We provide a custom analytics service that will help drive, measure, and quantify your marketing goals and strategies. It will enable you to gain deep insights and spot trends, opportunities, or areas that are hindering growth. Armed with this data, Witmer Group will optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

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