Need a Guest Speaker?

Kristina Witmer is available for interviews, podcasts, and speaking engagements, ready to infuse your platform with her unparalleled wisdom. 

She’s the founder and mastermind behind the renowned Witmer Group, a Dallas marketing agency. With a craft refined over twenty years, she transcends the label of 'expert' to truly embody a marketing maestro.

When you invite Kristina to your event, you're getting more than just a speaker. Your audience will leave inspired, informed, and empowered to face their marketing challenges head-on.

As a captivating guest speaker, Kristina doesn't just share insights—she narrates tales of triumphs and trials, enriched by a legacy of experience.

With insights that span the nuances of tools like HubSpot to advanced lead nurturing, Kristina's sessions are both enlightening and actionable. 


As one podcast host aptly put it,

"Kristina blends deep marketing insights with an engaging delivery, offering fresh new perspectives."

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