Workflow Automation 

The average marketer or business owner is flooded with a seemingly endless list of tasks to perform as they attempt to move the lead down the funnel. Workflow automation software seeks to automate many of these manual tasks, such as:

  • Sending emails
  • Setting up reminders
  • Lead management
  • Task scheduling
  • Campaign triggers

You’d be amazed at how much time (and money) you could recoup every day by letting HubSpot handle your marketing automation tasks. Then there’s the human error factor—which often occurs when you least expect it. 

Read on to learn more about how workflow automation can improve your productivity while eliminating human errors.

The Different Types of Workflow Automation

Workflow automation can significantly reduce many manual and labor-intensive tasks, such as:

  • Purging candidates from your database if they haven’t been active in a while
  • Moving leads to different pipeline stages based on their actions
  • Creating new system tickets when someone reaches out via social media or email
  • Subscribe someone to a drip email campaign when they download specific resources from your website.
  • Automatically detect and merge two properties or delete duplicates.

Workflow automation is mostly used by marketers. However, other departments, such as: HR, operations, finance, and customer service, can benefit greatly from automating manual tasks based on certain triggers.

Marketing Automation Workflows

Marketing has some of the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as sending emails, posting to social media, and managing content updates. Marketing workflow automation can include the following:

  • Schedule social media posts across multiple platforms
  • Distributing marketing tasks to team members
  • Sending a reminder to a user after they’ve added items to their shopping cart
  • Sending out a specific email campaign based on a series of event triggers

Sales Automation Workflows

Sales often focus on labor-intensive prospect and lead management tasks. This helps free up the time of sales reps so they can focus on selling—not data entry. A properly set up workflow can take leads through the entire funnel and update the CRM accordingly.

Automated tasks can include:

  • Removing a lead from the pipeline if they’ve stopped engaging
  • Updating the deal stage once the lead has triggered an event such as setting an appointment
  • Putting individual leads at different pipeline stages once they complete a pre-determined action
  • Create specific tasks for sales reps to complete once a lead schedules an appointment 

HR Automation Workflows

Entering a new hire’s personal information takes up a tremendous amount of time—and is prone to human error. Addresses, social security numbers, and other employee information can be automatically entered into your system in a matter of a few minutes.

Tasks can include:

  • Sending out W2s to all employees
  • Sending out 1099misc to contractors
  • Filtering candidates through keywords
  • Removing inactive candidates
  • Sending out an email to candidates who were passed over

Customer Service Automation Workflows

Customer service departments have countless manual tasks that need to be performed daily. Automating the workflow helps free up reps to focus on taking care of the customers—instead of spending time manually entering in data.

Tasks you can automate include:

  • Onboarding new customers with an email sequence
  • Enrolling customers in different email campaigns based on triggers
  • Sending out NPS® surveys
  • Creating a ticket when someone asks for help via email or social media
  • Resolving and archiving trouble tickets once they’ve been resolved

Finance Automation Workflows

Yes, you can even automate many manual finance tasks through tracking processes, building forms, and designing intelligent workflows. This will help streamline budget approvals, reimbursements, and travel requests.

  • Automated finance tasks include:
  • Managing contract and vendor approvals
  • Assigning priorities to wire and ACH requests
  • Managing travel expense requests based on activity and location
  • Automatically approving budgets based on certain parameters

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While there are many software-as-a-service products on the market, HubSpot is widely considered to be the best workflow automation software. Witmer Group as a Solution Partner can help you implement HubSpot workflow automations and grow your business.

Contact us below to speak with someone today about eliminating time-consuming and error prone manual tasks from your company’s workflow processes.