Social Media Management and Engagement

Our highly experienced Social Media Marketing team will provide hands-on support that will allow you to elevate your social marketing or recruitment strategies.


Our team drives social strategy backed by efficient and smart tactical execution. Local resources are available at the local Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia locations. We also serve clients throughout the entire U.S.


Our Process


We start by hopping on a phone call with our clients to discuss their goals and brainstorm to develop engaging content ideas. We’ll also ask for personal company images that will help us share your internal culture with your social media audience. This helps establishes trust and allows your audience to make a more profound connection with your brand.


We believe in full and complete transparency, and this is why we request regularly scheduled phone calls with our clients. We believe in keeping our clients in the loop and informed of what we’re working on. We also like to use this time to discuss potential new social marketing campaigns, as well as to review our performance since the last call.


Content and Engagement


It’s our goal to deliver creative experiences and marketing strategies that engage your ideal audience. We accomplish this in part through our thoughtful and intelligently written social media content.


We’ll help manage your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts as we grow your audience and turn passive audience members into brand ambassadors.


When your social media campaigns are managed strategically, it drives new growth and brand awareness. This, in turn, helps convert clicks into customers. As we grow your audience, we’ll also manage your online community.


This allows us to put our proverbial fingers on the pulse of your audience and discover new trends and hidden insights that will enable us to develop even more compelling content.


Data Science


One of the major things that set us apart from our competition is how we incorporate hard data and analytics into the social media marketing strategies that we create for our clients. We take the data our clients give us as well as the information that we collect from various sources and then analyze it.


Our very own in-house data scientist, Joo Ann Lee, looks at that data and applies scientific principles to extrapolate intelligent insights. We then use that information to create a custom social media marketing strategy for our clients. This is just one of many different ways that Witmer Group sets ourselves apart from the rest of the pack.




We have experience working with clients in various industries. Our process remains true to the core marketing principles. We’ll assist with strategy, implementation, and program improvement. As companies continue to integrate social marketing campaigns into their larger social marketing strategies, having access to consulting and direction along the way is critical.


Social Marketing solutions and Social Media Management services are available on a retainer basis and can be integrated with other programs for advertising or SEO. We also offer Social Media Planning and Consulting services based on the engagement and projected time to reach your goals.


Dallas Social Media Marketing


At Witmer Group, we have decades of combined social media marketing experience that can help grow your accounts and improve audience engagement.

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