Can Hiring A “Ghostwriter” Improve Your Time Management Skills?

As a small business owner, you probably had a couple of goals when you started out:  Mainly to share your passion with the world (or at least your target market), and to make enough money so that you can keep the doors open.  While it seems like doing it all yourself is a great way to keep some of that hard earned money in your pocket, by using effective time management skills you can pave the way to even more success.

For example, if you didn’t know anything about payroll taxes, you might consider hiring a tax accountant rather than spending hours trying to figure it out on your own. And save yourself the worry that the IRS is going to fine you for doing it wrong. You also might hire someone to keep up with the landscaping or janitorial work so that your ever-shrinking time can be dedicated to your customers.

This is where having a ghostwriter to manage your online presence comes in. A good ghostwriter will get to know you, your business, and your customers, and then create content that is relevant and useful. Like hiring a clone with communication skills. Your ideas and the ghostwriter’s time and talents. What a great way to share your passion with the world?

We hear time and time again that keeping a current customer is easier than getting a new one. As a small business owner, online presence is critical. With the use of blogs, Twitter, Pintrest and other online tools, your current customers are reminded that you are out there and have good things to tell them. Employing a ghostwriter is a way to help keep your web presence relevant by writing about current issues in your industry or new developments in your products. And, more importantly, hiring someone to do this for you ensures that your business is getting the word out on a regular basis. When you are out interacting with customers and developing new ideas, it is hard to make marketing more than a “to-do” on a never-ending list. Consistent development of relevant web content gets your business a presence in the online marketplace. On the flip side, a blog with one entry every six months isn’t really keeping you in front of your customers.

Just like you are passionate about the business to which you are dedicating your professional life, a ghostwriter is passionate about writing. She will be able to make your ideas sound polished and precise; better than you could have done yourself, and probably in far less time (and definitely less of your valuable time).

Ghostwriters also have the advantage of perspective. You may know the ins and outs of every gear, gadget, and gizmo that makes your product great, but sometime the jargon that comes with it can be a little confusing to your new and potential customers. A ghostwriter can help make the language clear for someone who is not an expert, and ensure your message makes sense. She may even help to see value in a part of your business that you may have overlooked.

So, take care of your customers, develop new ideas, and share your passion. But also, value your time, play to your strengths and let a ghostwriter help you chase your dream.  For more information about using your time management skills the best way possible, contact the team at Witmer Group today!