How to Generate Results-Driven Ideas for Social Media Marketing

Finding the sweet spot for your social media marketing means taking the time to know your audience so you can effectively provide them with what they want.

Attracting and engaging people who will subscribe, link, and help spread the word about your products and/or services is the goal of Social Media Marketing. But just how to do that can be puzzling unless you have a well-defined strategy. How do you generate creative ideas for your social marketing that will capture new interest?

Depending on your brand, here are some proven social media marketing content ideas to consider implementing:

  • Article and Blog Posts
  • Influencer Content
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Press Mentions
  • Memes
  • Client Feedback
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Infographics
  • A Peek Inside Your Product (or Development)
  • Evergreen Blog Posts
  • Instagram Stories
  • Market Data

There are hundreds more creative, easy-to-implement ways to make your social marketing savvy and relevant. And because the social media landscape evolves so quickly, it’s crucial for marketers to stay updated with fresh trends and social media statistics.

Consider the power of blog posts. Statistics tell us that companies that blog get 97 percent more links to their websites. Internet users in the US spend quadruple the time on blogs than they do on email. It’s also important to note that 72 percent of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic.

Tack on the ‘influencer effect’ within your content and you’ll see a noticeable uptick to your SEO. Influencers help you grow your authority so that you rank better in search engines. An encouraging stat shows a whopping 57 percent of marketers say they’ve gained new customers specifically through blogging. Remember: content is king.

Want more? Add a relevant video to your post and you can expect even more traffic. The “About Us” page is usually the most visited page on any website, directly after your home page. A short video sharing who you are and what you do is a great way to give your brand some personality.

By all means, include an ‘evergreen blog’ as often as possible. This kind of timeless, search-optimized content stays “fresh” for readers over a long period of time – as the name implies.

Press announcements are a great way to get noticed, especially if you have an event or special promotion within the company. Roll in a tidbit about an upcoming new product or special event to amplify interest. It also adds credibility if you include a quote from a leadership team member.

Infographics can be eye-catching and informative and will hold viewers’ attention longer if they aren’t too complicated. Stay focused on your message and give it as much punch as possible.

Client feedback is priceless, so don’t be shy about asking for comments and testimonials from your best clients. You can use testimonials on emails, as well as your website, changing them out as new ones come in.

Stay current on market data as it relates to your business. Surges or downward trends can greatly impact any market. Sharing the most relevant data with your readers puts emphasis on you as a ‘go-to’ source for things within your market.

Remember that stories are loved by everyone, so fine-tune your story and be prepared to share it often, regardless of what platform you are using for social media marketing.A good story well-told will draw people to your product or service, but it’s up to you and your creative imagination to convert, retain, and build a relationship with them as loyal, long term customers.