Capturing. Holding. Influencing.

What does it take to get people’s attention? These days, a lot. With so much data flying around vying for the notice of potential customers, buyers, and members, what does it take to stand out – to capture the attention of your target audience and hold on to it long enough for the message to soak in and influence their decision making?

Shock and Awe

Not sensationalism, please, but rather substantiated facts, metrics, breakthroughs, or otherwise surprising data that has a fresh perspective. Share how one even or topic impacts another, such as, how the 2008 financial crisis is still an apparition that haunts us, although the current status quo is reportedly better. Do people really believe that the “American Dream” is dead?

Mesmerizing Storytelling

Who doesn’t love a good story? But telling one is much harder than listening to one. Storytelling is used in journalism and uses authentication to make the topic newsworthy. A good story draws your reader into it because it sparks interest or concern. Seize the opportunity to make your content inform and amplify, but it’s top priority to stress the value of the topic. A well told tale will touch the reader with relevance, causing them to engage in an action, make an important decision, sign up, buy, or share the great story.

Validate with Facts and Truth

Luring your audience into your story is one thing, but always do it with integrity. Support your content with facts, testimonials, actual events, and case studies. True stories, when told well, are very compelling. Most people come away feeling good about a success story or a problem solved, making your content a ‘hero read’. Ask influencers to inject an opinion or a quote on your topic and you’ll add instant validation.

Capturing, holding, and influencing your target audience is very much a competition. Careful not to take them for granted. After all, you’re in business because of your customers. Handle with care and honesty and let them know you appreciate the opportunity they give you to earn their loyalty.