Are Your Social Media Rankings Growing? It May Be Time for a New Social Media Marketing Partner

It could be you’re not using the best resources to manage, update, analyze, and finesse your Social Media Marketing. Maybe you started out on a smaller scale and simply need a reliable collaborator to stay on goal.

Of course, you realize how crucial it is to maintain the power of presence and relevance in the social space. Especially when you stop to consider that one quarter of all the time people spend online is on social media.

What if you could free up your internal teams to focus on more strategic goals by offloading the churn of daily social postings? And what if you could do that knowing you were getting high quality content and proven data-driven analytics?

It’s as simple as making one smart decision.

Partner with the Witmer Group and you’ll enjoy accomplished writers/editors, focused data scientists, and digital marketing gurus who have been doing this for many years with enviable results.

Witmer Group can provide high level analytics direction for your campaigns. We can:

  • Consolidate your data from a variety of sources
  • Help prioritize and assess how far you are from reaching short and long-term goals
  • Provide unbiased input on effectiveness, cost efficiency and marketing reach
  • Answer data questions to help your larger business strategy
  • Create written and visual content for social sharing (blogs, social posts, infographics, case studies, and more)
  • Align your social content with a larger content strategy throughout the entire company
  • Post continuous content to elevate your brand, mission, and values
  • Monitor social and have a process for quick responses from the company
  • Provide data showing weekly reach, engagement and growth on various platforms.

Choose Witmer Group for Social Media Marketing that delivers results. It’s a Smart Decision!