If You’re Searching for a Better Way to Grow Your Business, Read On.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to get you on the right path to successful digital marketing, but it does take finding the best people for the job.

  • Are tough digital marketing challenges keeping you up at night?
  • Missing out on effective data and marketing analytics that nail results?
  • Need stronger, authoritative SEO to drive stronger traffic?
  • Is your social media in need of some oomph?
  • Does your website need a makeover?
  • Is your brand wobbly against the competition?
  • Does your content need an injection of know-how and pristine quality?

If you’ve answered yes — oh, yes – or please hurry to any of the above questions, we can help you.

Witmer Group and our team of experts know how to tackle your digital marketing challenges so you can get some shut-eye and take on the competition.

First, our intrepid leader and president, Kristina Witmer will pick your brain to get to know you and your business and — you’ll enjoy every minute of it. She’s your first step in the Witmer Group experience with marketing, consulting, and airtight skills for development of integrated strategies that she’s refined and honed over twenty productive years. Her natural positivity will light up the room, so be prepared.

Now meet Julia, our vivacious creative strategist, who knows how to position your company to stand out, be seen, and get noticed, leaving the competition reeling. Julia will closely collaborate with the account team and you (the client) to create and implement complete marketing programs that are cost effective and deliver brilliant results. Julia has held leadership roles at several niche and international advertising and marketing agencies over the course of her successful career.

Next, you’ll meet Lori, our invaluable operations director. Lori is the ultimate go-to person for managing and ongoing development of website content and support services. Nobody seems to know how she gets so much done, but it’s a happy mystery we’ve learned to live with.  With her energy and experience in social media execution, analytics reporting and website know-how, Lori participates in many Witmer Group client objectives. You’ll get to experience her passion for stellar customer service as you get to know her. 

Did we mention we have our very own data scientist? Say hello to Joo Ann — savvy, analytical and oh, so friendly, Joo Ann is all about accurate storytelling, so she will dive deep into your analytics and data, messy stuff at times, and emerge with a plan that will breathe life into your story. She will tell you things about your data that you may not even realize.

Joo Annis a self-professed creative / analytics nerd who is never out of ideas to test and questions to ask. She’ll help you uncover what works best for you and you’ll see immediate results.

Now say hello to Jane, Witmer Group’s accomplished content manager. If there’s anything you need these days more than your health or your job its informative, quality, influential content. Jane delivers that and more. She’s been writing and editing for over 25 years and keeps a vigilant eye on all things content.

A quick study and a skilled listener, Jane will deliver content that serves you well.
Creative and imaginative, Jane has worked as an agency account manager, copy editor, creative director and communication project manager at advertising and marketing agencies and major corporations.

Tony is up next. Witmer Group’s ultimate SEO go-to guy! Whether it’s written, spoken, or pantomimed, Tony bends and molds the English language to his will. He started his career more than 15 years ago, helping companies drive sales with his content and affiliate marketing efforts.

He combines his love for writing with his passion for marketing to produce some of the highest quality content on or off the internet. Blog posts, email sequences, case studies, white papers, bathroom stall poetry – you name it, he’ll write it.

Tony focuses heavily on SEO, both content-wise and on-site. His on-site SEO expertise helps optimize client websites, allowing Google and Bing to efficiently crawl and understand the content.

Witmer Group is proud of the many websites out there with our name on them and the person responsible is Erica Jennings. She owns Jennings Design, a full-service web and graphic design firm specializing in WordPress design and development, corporate branding and print design. She brings her polished skills and energetic talent to Witmer Group, working collaboratively with the Witmer team and our clients.

With more than 15 years of experience in art direction and project management for clients big and small, Erica has worked with national magazines, nonprofits and local consultants and professionals.

Say hi to Rebekah, who manages content for Witmer clients and supports accounts with her people-centric style of customer service. She assists with monitoring online trends and contributes to project planning.

When Rebekah is not supporting or executing ongoing marketing tactics, she is busy supporting larger Witmer Group client objectives. She is devoted to excellent customer service, ever ready to go above and beyond, helping to implement quality solutions that result in happy clients.

Next meet Jim, our goldmine for compelling messaging at Witmer Group. His business experience and creative skills help to reach the target audience for our clients by delivering high caliber content on industry-related topics.

Jim is the go-to-guy for ‘attention to detail’ graphic creation and social messaging. Using his keen instincts for finding the right message to connect with clients’ prospective customers, Jim excels in keeping clients smiling.

Find out more about Witmer Group and let’s get started solving your digital marketing needs. Contact us soon!