Witmer Group Names Julia Gibson New Director of Creative Strategies

Witmer Group is pleased to name Partner, Julia Gibson, to lead the creative strategy services for the energetic 10-year-old digital marketing agency.

Julia has held creative and marketing leadership roles at several international and niche advertising agencies over the course of her career, specializing in B2B and B2C business development and branding strategies.

“I believe we serve our clients interests best when the core values of our creative partners are aligned. Witmer Group’s transparency has shined brightly since the day I met Kristina almost a decade ago. It shines even brighter today based on how the agency has flawlessly supported the needs of our clients during these unprecedented times. I’m ecstatic at the freedom I now have to collaborate and advocate alongside such an innovative powerhouse of digital marketing experts,” said Julia.

Witmer Group has always been about adaptability to changes in the market. Both nimble and scalable, our vibrant collection of expert marketing professionals understand the immediacy of staying at the forefront of ever-changing trends and technologies.

“For the last 10 years we have proudly positioned ourselves in authentic collaborations with clients to help them advance their marketing efforts. This evolution supports my ever-steady goals of serving clients in a practical and fair business dynamic that cuts out the BS of the traditional ad agency model,” noted Kristina Witmer, President, Witmer Group.

About Witmer Group

Witmer Group is a Dallas based digital marketing agency comprised of a diverse group of talented, passionate people with a broad range of expertise including: data science; branding strategies; advertising & marketing consultation; public relations and reputation management; social media curation and project management. Witmer Group connects brands with qualified customers in unconventional ways that build lasting brand loyalty.