How Robust Content Can Increase Conversion

Today’s consumers want content that satisfies their search – to the point, quickly and effectively. To effectively reach them, create robust content with more about ‘what’s in it for them’ and less ‘look at me’ messaging. Here are four simple but effective ways to increase conversion by getting your content right:

1) Strengthen your content with strong visuals. Internet consumers are highly visual and want to see and understand your product or service easily and quickly. They are not interested in reading volumes of text. You need to make every word count. Use graphics or pictures to guide your searchers and keep your text to no more than 350-500 words.

2) Interactive features on your site. Make the experience on your website simple and easy to use. If you have interactive features such as sign up forms, applications or payment processing, make sure the links work and the experience is streamlined. If it isn’t, then you will lose customers.

3) Direct attention using media. This article mentions a study done on Internet consumers using eye tracking software. As it turns out, making the people in your pictures face a headline or an image of your product can really help concentrate visitors’ attention. This translates to a stronger impression and, eventually, more sales. The next time you place a banner ad; make the model in your photo look at your product. The same goes for images of people you use on your website as well.

4) Track and test everything. Understanding analytics is critical to your conversion success. That’s why testing and tracking are so important. Find out who is visiting the most, where the majority of your visitors are located geographically, and how often they are visiting your site. You can then use this data to develop targeted marketing campaigns for your most profitable demographics.

These four simple tips are surprisingly important. Retool your online strategies to encompass them and you will see effective results, sooner than you may think. If you have any questions on how you can increase conversion, be sure to contact Witmer Group today!