Hootsuite and Instagram – Together At Last!

Finally, a way to schedule our pics to Instagram!

Hootsuite is offering a few webinars to instruct us better, but until then, let me share what I know so far. After adding your Instagram account to Hootsuite, (as you would any other social platform), it is easy to proceed.

  • You can schedule your pic and your content/hashtags for Instagram in Hootsuite as you would your Tweets for Twitter.
  • The first time you do this, Hootsuite will walk you through the steps to be sure your phone is linked for notifications. Note: You will have to download the Hootsuite app onto your phone.
  • Hootsuite will then send you a notification on your phone and let you know it’s time to send your pic to Instagram.
  • From there you have a chance to edit your photo. Press the “write a caption” area to bring up the paste / clip. Hit paste and your pre-written post will show up.
  • Press blue check mark and you are done.

I know Instagram never wanted to lose the personal touch of their platform and I am pleased with the compromise. I can take the time I want to load my pics and choose my hashtags, and also choose the best time to post. But there is no walking away and not thinking about it again. I still have to be involved.