Content Marketing Strategy – Stand Apart From Your Competition

Blogs, newsletters, e-letters and website content are all intricate parts of a successful marketing campaign. The obvious goal is continued customer engagement while maintaining relationships.  With everyone climbing aboard the “content train” how can you ensure your organization will stand out from the crowd?

Consider these 4 guidelines when producing your content marketing strategy:

  1.  Increase your online authority by making yourself an expert in your field. Blogging does not always need to be about selling your services. Sometimes presenting basic knowledge in your business arena can indicate you know something the competition doesn’t. It also indicates you are willing to impart this knowledge onto your customers for the greater good. If you create a newsletter or blog where people go to learn about your field of work then you will find that your subscribers will not just be customers but also competitors. Suddenly you have become the industry expert.

  2.  Bring relevancy to your website with current news and events.
TV, web news and other media resources are constantly producing information about your organizational focus. Suppose you are an attorney’s office- you can always find relevant litigation that the public may not know and need be made aware of. Let’s say you own retail stores- you can provide thoughtful opinions and insights into current trends in fashion. There is always something out there that is related to your particular industry in the news. It’s only a Google search away. Click it and create dialogue about these current trends and topics.

  3.  Offer something for nothing. Build relationships with your audience.
Create interactive campaigns that encourage your pool of customers to engage with your website. There is a variety of ways you can create this customer interaction.

  •   You do recruiting – you have geo technology that you use to locate potential recruits. Create a campaign where potential clients can get the numbers of potential employees in your area free of charge or obligation. It costs you nothing and it encourages customers to remember you and utilize you when their needs arrive.
  •  You are a restaurant owner and you want to build relationships with your guests. Create interaction. Perhaps devise a contest to name a new drink or contribute ideas for menu items. Make it easy for your guests to interact with you online.

The main thing is engaging in a meaningful way. Don’t make every thing you do look like a sales campaign.

4.  Focus on quality not quantity
Writing just for the sake of content is a waste of time. Utilize key tools in your blogs that make your website content and newsletters relevant. Engage someone with knowledge in SEO. Make sure the research is accurate and fresh. Take advantage of Google Alerts, Google Adwords and Google Trends. Finally, stay concise and on point.

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