Modern Marketing Strategy

Technology has steadily been transforming the marketing profession, adding new tools, techniques, and strategies. With this change, it shouldn’t be a surprise that modern marketing strategy must be multi-faceted. Witmer Group has defined the modern marketer by having two sides: an artist and a scientist.

We, as marketers, are entrusted with the responsibility of being creative and having the imagination to develop campaigns that engage consumers, while having an analytical side, enabling us to measure and calibrate marketing strategy.

 A little about the 'Artist' Side:

  • Written Content: The go-to strategy is currently all about inbound marketing, putting more value than ever on writing skills
  • Visual Assets: Visual content is a valuable marketing resources and grabs consumers’ attention. Think Pinterest and how so many pictures go viral on Facebook.
  • Social Media: Social media allows marketers to interact with consumers, making digital relationship management an important and valued skill.
  • Email Marketing: Still one of the most used and successful sources for businesses. Best practices and design remains essential skills for marketers.

A little about the 'Scientist' Side:

  • Performance Tracking: Marketing can no longer afford to be a cost center and the modern marketer should track all marketing activities and campaigns. With existing technology this is a no-brainer.
  • Operations: With more responsibility and fewer resources, marketers must be experts in budgeting and operations. Know when to outsource and what!.
  • Analytics: Marketers need to be data experts, about to see major trends and important takeaways in a mass of data at a glance.
  • Campaign Performance: Using tools like SalesForce, PRWeb, Source.It, HubSpot, etc. to understand campaign performance is an essential skill for the modern marketer.

By developing both an artistic side and a scientific side, we are capable of quickly adapting and thriving in the rapidly changing marketing industry. The best bet is to understand your own strengths as a marketer and find the right resources that supplement you and your business needs.  We love to help balance your needs from the creative to the science for your modern marketing strategy!