What I’ve Learned This Past Year In The Social Marketing Field

This past year, learning the ins and outs of social marketing has been a wild adventure!  My co-worker described it as a roller coaster experience, and that’s pretty accurate, but for for me it’s been more of a mountain climb.

I’ve had to learn a whole new language. Not just HTML code, knowing that <p align=”justify”> will line up your lines nicely, and that you have to have it exact or you just don’t know what you’ll end up with. No, I’m talking about B2B, algorithm, SEO, networking, mapping and links. Words people tend to use in regular conversation I am now able to follow and understand, and even come back with a clever reply myself.

I’ve had to adapt to constant changes. Being someone who likes to get things organized, arrange things, and have them stay that way, it definitely has been a challenge in a field where the trends constantly change, and people’s fancies turn to the newest subject at hand. Weather, celebrities, politics, economy –  all these are in the eye of the public, changing constantly, and determining how you would set up SEO for a page, or form a tweet for a business.

Also a client may just want you to do a specific project, and no matter how much energy is put forth to give your best, when that is complete, you are done. Time to say goodbye. You move on to another project, with a new set of goals & tasks, and you start all over again.

Personally, there have been a few eye openers. I’ve had to find a schedule that works for me.  Learning that I don’t need to drop everything, any time of the day (or night) when a client emails. And that it’s ok not to even get on the computer for the whole weekend! I’ve had to come out of my comfort zone, interacting with clients, venturing out and taking chances without being absolutely sure of the outcome. Making suggestions and offering answers, and learning to have confidence in me.

This has been an awesome year for learning, stretching, pushing and feeling like I have accomplished something amazing. And I am looking forward to this new year, moving into another level in this new world and new me that I am discovering!

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