Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies to Encourage More Comments

The significance of comments in your blog posts cannot be denied. More comments will bring even more attention to your blog, and that means more traffic. Why not take advantage of the feedback from your readers? Below you will find some effective social media marketing strategies, which you can adopt to boost the popularity of your website and get more responses.

Benefits of Blog Post Comments

Major benefits of comments in blog posts are as follows:  Posts with a high number of comments always intrigue readers, especially the new ones. The new reader will always be curious to find out why so many people have commented on a post. In return, he might post his/her ideas and views as well.

Comments tell the blogger about the acceptance level for his/her posts over the Internet. It works as feedback, which will help him come up with better posts in the future.

Analyze Your Readers’ Needs

Have a look at the previous posts and comments. Analyze them thoroughly and try to figure out the readers’ queries. You may use them as the topic for your next post. These queries can also tell you the reasons why your blog is being followed. Readers write about those things, which interest them, so it’s worth paying attention to comments. You are then sure to see the number of comments for future posts soar!

Come Up with an Attractive Introduction

Be precise about the introduction. It should be short and to the point. You can use a question, a quote or a striking line at the very beginning of your article to capture the reader’s attention. Your introduction should be thought-provoking, so that it makes the reader comment more on your post. This way, you are more likely to receive feedback for your posts.

Benefits are More Attention Grabbing

Write about advantages or benefits of your topic. Showing positive aspects is very likely to attract attention of masses. Your reader will only comment if the content sounds convincing. Your might then be asked about other advantages. Always leave room for questions.

The following are some working strategies to get more comments.

Comment Yourself

You should not hesitate to comment on your post and be the first one to do so. This is a simple, but useful strategy. Your audience will get a motivation to comment below your own comment. You can thank your readers for those comments or even ask them to comment and feel free to ask questions.

Give Your Reader Due Attention

Individually respond to every comment your readers make. This will develop a perception in your reader’s mind that they are important to you and they won’t be reluctant to comment further. This way, the relationship with your audience is likely to prosper.

Appreciate Your Readers

People like it when their ideas and thoughts are appreciated. Always acknowledge your readers by appreciating them for their unique ideas and useful questions. This will make them comment more. Highlighting the best ideas will make your audience more confident to comment further.

Enable Social Media Sharing Buttons

Your blog post will go viral if you add the feature of social media sharing. You will get higher exposure results, so more readers are going to share their views. Hence, it will lead to a higher number of comments under your blog post.

As a blogger, you can have a better understanding of your readers’ demands with the help of their feedback. It’s simple to be successful – just remember to appreciate their response and act accordingly.

Rob Greenberg works as a copyright consultant at a plagiarism checker software company.