Tackling the Big Marketing Problems in the Early Stages of Growth

Some agencies take baby steps toward achieving their end goal. Some take humongous giant steps to get there fast. At Witmer Group, our style is to grab hold of the big marketing problems in the early and aggressive stages of a company’s growth when it’s so important to get it right.

Sometimes different marketing agencies make sense for different stages of a company’s evolution. Take the time to find out what jazzes your marketing firm; what really stimulates new ideas that result in growth. We like the idea of rolling up our sleeves and working with clients through what might seem insurmountable. It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the expertise we offer.

It’s interesting to see how an agency with a real passion and purpose gets involved in the initial conversation. They have goals, ideas, plans for growth and helps identify and activate the resources and direction to make it happen.

So, where do YOU want to go?

We’re not talking about your next vacation, but rather where you want your organization to go. How will you get there? How long will it take? (It does rather sound like a vacation) Okay, why not. Let’s call it a vacation from the ordinary, run-of-the-mill, things that have not induced growth to an island of new leads, excited customers, increased sales, and a feverish demand for your brand!

Why not? If you have the expertise and resource behind you, arriving at such a destination is easier than you may think.

Let’s say you need some branding expertise. Once we have sat down with your stakeholders and decision makers and reviewed all there is to know about your brand – to date, then we go to work. Together we will construct a Branding Blueprint. This will address the goals and touch points of your organization so that a mix and match approach can be part of the final decision-making process. It allows a spirit of collaboration and cooperation to evolve throughout the discovery meetings and across departments. It will also make it more timely and efficient to arrive at a final agreed-upon solution.

Some of the Branding Components you need to consider include:

  • Headlines
  • Headline Treatments
  • Taglines
  • Identity Symbols
  • New Logo Options
  • New Names
  • Typography
  • Imagery

Maybe Social Media Marketing is what you need. By defining your goals at the onset, you’re making it easier to choose where you need to be.  Consider answers to these questions to help refine your direction:

  1. Are you trying to attract new customers?
  2. Do you want to grow the number of professional contacts for your business?
  3. Are you trying to build or strengthen a relationship with existing customers?
  4. Do you need a resource for news or updates about your company and your industry?
  5. Do you want to collaborate more with your staff and simplify other internal processes?

Whether you need branding, social media, SEO, web content development or consultation, be sure you’re talking with people who know their stuff — experts you can talk with, listen to and trust to help your business grow.