Capture More Leads with Downloadable Content

Raising awareness and successfully interacting with prospective customers is top of mind for marketers. That’s why social media marketing and blogging are so important. 

Statistics show that companies that blog get 97 percent more inbound links and about 23 percent of total internet usage time is given to social networks and blogs. Perhaps, not so surprisingly, roughly 47 percent of internet users are on Facebook.

While raising brand awareness is important, it just isn’t enough to earn an enviable, loyal customer base. However, downloadable content has proven a vital component to content marketing. Why? It is a magnet for leads.

No matter what your company does or sells, you need leads. Without leads you could not build a customer base. It basically comes down to building trust so that your prospects feel comfortable and ready to jump in.

Keeping your product or service top of mind with your customers or prospects can be strengthened through email marketing.

Okay, but how does downloadable content mix into the formula?

Downloadable content is your pass key to inboxes.

It’s impossible to build and nurture leads without a prospect’s email address and let’s face it, most people are selective about who gets their email address. Nobody wants more spam.

But if you create downloadable content that your prospects really want or need, they are more likely to provide their email address. Downloadable content can be a graph, a whitepaper, a chart or an eBook. A document containing valuable information will be appealing to prospects; especially if they can’t get it anywhere else.

The trade-off proves to be a successful win-win scenario in most cases. Just be sensitive to the fact that the more information you request, the greater the chances of losing a lead, so don’t be greedy.

You may want more than just an email address, but it can be tricky to know just how much to ask for. Remember that the more information you request, the more likely you will be to scare prospects away.

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