A Note from Kristina – Setting Goals for 2015

I recently read that goals are more likely to be realized if you set the deadline for the same month, or at least the same year. The idea was that it’s better to set goals on Jan 1 versus at the end of Dec – some kind of research has proven this to be true.

I’ve never been much of a goal setter to be honest, but I’ve become quite passionate about statements of empowerment. Statements that help me visualize where I want to be, where I want Witmer Group to be, and what kind of person I want to be. At the end of the day, who I am and who my company is, are entwined – a company wouldn’t be anything without the soul and spirit of its founder.

I just finished a great cup of English Breakfast tea. For those of you who don’t know, I am originally from Maryland and that was THE thing to drink, not only that, we put milk in our tea (most people give me an odd look when they hear that or God forbid actually see it in person). Anyways, I was enjoying my tea and got a note from Lori that I was overdue on my blog. I’ve been struggling with this one because I feel that it has to be big. You know, welcome to 2015, new things are in store, big. And you know what? BIG things are happening.

We’ve got our team meeting scheduled for this Friday and I’m so excited to roll out our new mission statement. Soon to be followed by more guidelines for myself and the team about who we work for, who we want to work for, what we do and what it looks like when we have a mutually beneficial client relationship. As any entrepreneur knows, this is a constant evolution. And it’s not just from company growth, but also as a response to market changes. Texas has a lot going on. And therefore the competition our clients see is different here then it might be in say California or New York.

I’ve been following Chris Brogan of Owner Media Group via emails and webinars as of late and they really have me jazzed. I’m looking forward to implementing a lot of these ideas for Witmer in 2015. I’m still working to make this more concise but I better understand what Witmer is about and this mantra like mentality will help all of us stay in line with what we want to achieve and the steps it takes for us to get there for our clients.

In 2015 we will do the following for our clients and ourselves:

  • enhance organizations’ name recognition with their target audience
  • increase brand equity through meaningful online experiences
  • build and drive quality web site traffic
  • stay aligned with best practices in online marketing

Welcome to 2015 and I can’t wait to hear what your plans are.