Creating Your Own YouTube Channel for Business

Witmer Group will help you realize the enormous advantages of having your own YouTube Channel, as an incremental part of relevant digital marketing.  Today, video is a must-have more than an option, and what better way is there to reach the billions—yes billions - of YouTube users?

YouTube is a crucial aspect of your digital marketing. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and truly remarkable in its reach.

Here’s how Witmer Group will help you, step by step, realize the full advantages of your own YouTube Channel. Using your Google account, we will show you how to:

  • Navigate to Customize Your Channel Page
  • Add Basic Info to Your Channel for Discoverability
  • Upload Branding Elements to Your Channel
  • Add Your Banner Image
  • Add Your Video Watermark
  • Customize Advanced Layout Options
  • Add Videos and Optimize Them for Video Search
  • Add Title, Description, Tags, and Category

Let Witmer Group show you how to leverage YouTube for digital marketing once you have a fully optimized YouTube Channel. It’s a gigantic opportunity just waiting for you to jump in.

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