Once companies had websites because their competitors did. Now, smart companies know that websites are powerful marketing tools – and often the place where prospects decide whether or not they want to do business with you.

Websites now have more pizzazz and ability to wow an audience, but the tools to build websites have simplified.

This means that you can do more with your site.

This also means that the most critical piece of site creation happens way before actual development begins.

At WG, we take the time to learn who your company is and why customers should choose you over your competition – and then we give your customers a reason to stick around and find out more.

Our Approach to Website Design and Development

  • Discovery
  • Platform and Theme Discussion
  • Concept Review & Content
  • Design & Imagery Selection
  • Site Development & Implementation
  • Testing & Launch

Our websites include a content management system (CMS) that allows you to add news and update content as needed – saving you on programming costs down the road. Need more help with brand discovery and development? Click here.

Next Steps...

Learn how to turn your site into a round-the-clock sales representative.

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