Inbound Marketing: The Magnet that Brings Customers to You

Love is in the air and it’s all about a smart kind of marketing your customers can’t resist.

When you create valuable content and experiences tailored to what your customers really want and need and deliver solutions to alleviate real pain points — customers will not only come to you, they will love you for it.

It’s called Inbound Marketing.

Whether you’re ready for it or not, marketing has already been disrupted. People’s behaviors have changed substantially and traditional marketing simply does not work like it once did. Consider this.

  • 94% of people skip TV ads
  • 91% of them unsubscribe from email
  • 27% of direct mail is never opened
  • 200M people are on the DO NOT CALL list

Inbound Marketing is the opposite of traditional Outbound Marketing, which tends to interrupt people with content they very often don’t want or cannot use.  Inbound Marketing creates focused connections, answers relevant questions, solves problems, and builds lasting business relationships.

How is Inbound Marketing different from Traditional Outbound Marketing?

  • Traditional Marketing consists of cold calling, cold emails (which often end up as SPAM), intrusive ads that are marketer-centric, not customer-centric.
  • Inbound Marketing consists of SEO, Blogging, Attraction, and Customer-centric focus.

Inbound Marketing is a powerful, proven marketing approach.

Inbound Marketing has the power to transform strangers into visitors; leads into customers; and customers into promoters and brand ambassadors. But for this to happen, marketers must provide something customers will LOVE. Here’s how it works.

How to Create Your Inbound Marketing Pipeline

Get Traffic

Create blog content, search engine optimize (SEO) your content, and promote it on social media sites.

Get Leads

Place calls-to-action throughout your website to drive visitors to landing pages with forms to fill out and get whatever you’re offering. Once they do, they have become leads.

Get Customers

Send your leads automated emails to drive them along your buying cycle. Provide your sales team with lead intelligence so they can make more effective sales calls.


Analyze the success of your marketing campaigns, and determine which areas need further optimizations for future success.

It’s a straight forward method that is proven to work. In fact, Inbound Marketing is the dominant marketing strategy for companies with fewer than 200 people. And 84% of small businesses are predominantly using Inbound Marketing. Could it be because:

  • Inbound efforts achieve higher ROI than outbound regardless of total marketing spend.
  • Companies are 3x as likely to see higher ROI on Inbound Marketing campaigns than on outbound.
  • Inbound Marketing works across industries

What company, large or small, doesn’t want increased revenue, increased leads, and increased profits? Inbound Marketing is the business approach that works like a magnet, drawing customer, new and existing, to you because they trust and love what you do for them.

Witmer Group makes your Inbound Marketing easy and effective. Are you ready to experience how we can help you transform your marketing and propel your growth with Inbound Marketing?

Throw out the old broken marketing playbook and contact Witmer Group today. We’d love to work with you to help grow your business with smart Inbound Marketing.