How Community Involvement Impacts Brand Equity

No business is ever built by one person alone. The key that unlocks perception, trust, authority, and success for your business is community.

Long gone are the days when the main goal of a company was to satisfy its shareholders and the company’s bottom line. Today’s consumer has high expectations and demands the best products and/or services.  But it doesn’t stop there. These expectant consumers also want to see that business or service active in the communities where they serve, accepting responsibility and creating positive initiatives within the social landscape.

Better Customer Perception and Trust

Today more than ever, customers want companies they can trust and recognize. When your organization is involved in community activities it presents a positive image and creates a personal connection with customers and potential customers. Thanks to social media one personal connection with a customer can multiply into infinitely more.

Increased Employee Engagement and Retention

Human Resources studies show that 61% of job seekers say social responsibility and community involvement are among the most important factors when choosing an employer. Good corporate citizenship reveals a company’s regard for their employees. Employees seek companies that allow them to use their skill within the community as well as in the workplace. This provides an opportunity to make a positive impact on the community, as well as boosting employee morale.  

Improved Community Success

When communities are supported by companies and employees demonstrating good community citizenship, it enhances a loyal, supportive customer base and increases economic growth. This kind of impact can eventually spread to a wider base locally, nationally, and even globally. By investing time and money into programs which align with your company’s mission and values it promotes long-term, accumulating influence.  

Sharing is Caring

While it may sound like misplaced sentimentality to some, the fact is that people want and need face-to-face interactions. A Cigna study done in 2018 revealed that nearly half of Americans feel alone and isolated, suggesting that using technology and social media has little influence on improving a person’s feelings of isolation.

A healthy work/life balance has the greatest positive impact on feelings of isolation, suggesting that community interaction creates improved physical and mental wellness. Perhaps now more than ever, people are yearning for community. For businesses, the message is simple. Community is critical to success and forming a community takes much more than just gathering people together in one place or amassing a certain number of users on an app or site.

Online Communities Build Authenticity

Let’s not overlook the accumulated value that online communities create. Online communities not only help give brands a deeper insight to what customers want and need, they also produce user-generated content, such as reviews and comments, which tend to be considered more authentic. A study of online reputation management showed that 97% of online buyers read reviews before making a purchase.

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