Whether it’s written, spoken, or pantomimed, Tony bends and molds the English language to his will. He started his career over 15 years ago, helping companies make millions by driving more sales and leads through their front doors via his content and affiliate marketing efforts.

He combines his love for writing with his passion for marketing to produce some of the highest quality content on or off the internet. Blog posts, email sequences, case studies, white papers, bathroom stall poetry – you name it, he’ll write it.

Tony got his start in content marketing writing articles for the major online dating sites. He then drove traffic to those sites, which resulted in increased conversions for his advertisers. He also has experience with Facebook Ads and has helped several companies write and create more persuasive content to help sell their Amazon products.

Tony loves working with the diverse range of Witmer Group clients and helping them improve both their website content and on-site SEO. His creativeness enables him to come up with intelligent solutions that help solve complicated technical problems.

He focuses heavily on SEO, both content-wise and on-site. A properly optimized article or webpage has a much better chance of ranking organically in Google. A combination of intelligent keywords, topic selection, and outbound links to authority websites can help make the difference between a basic article and one that has a chance of ranking very well in Google for its intended keywords.

Duplicate content, slow server speed, keyword repetition, low-to-no content pages, poor schema, and dead outbound links can all hamper the ability for your website to rank well in Google. Tony’s on-site SEO expertise can help optimize your website and allow Google and Bing to efficiently crawl and understand the content. He can also perform an on-site SEO diagnostic for your site to show you exactly what is holding you back.

When he’s not hammering away on his laptop keyboard, Tony enjoys spending time in his kitchen, finding new ways to cook basic comfort foods. He loves Amazon Video, Deadwood, Game of Thrones, historical documentaries, the great outdoors, and as much fresh Pacific Northwest Salmon as you can put on his dinner plate. He’s also an avid hiker and enjoys traversing the local trails.

He lives with his two 25lb Savannah jungle cats who provide hours of entertainment as they growl like a dog and give the mailman dirty looks through the front window while they shock visitors with their loud calls and cheetah-like spots.