Kristina’s Story

Kristina Witmer was born in Churchville, Maryland. When she was 7, her parents joined The Salvation Army headquartered in Atlanta, GA. After several U.S. based assignments, her mom and dad accepted an appointment in Mexico City, Mexico, where she attended the last 3 years of high school.

Upon graduation, Kristina traveled the world extensively. Her encounters with people from different cultures honed her ability to communicate and see different perspectives and viewpoints.

“Moving a lot in my young adult years gave me the ability to embrace new situations very easily.”

In college, Kristina was a co-sys op for a local BBS board, where she discovered her love of technology and the challenges it seeks to solve. The internet and social collaboration were in their infancy, and Kristina fully embraced them as she saw their huge potential.

Kristina graduated college with a degree in PR / Journalism and landed an account coordinator job at an advertising agency. She quickly realized she enjoyed working with clients and using technology to help solve their marketing problems.

After a few years, Kristina became frustrated with her job’s bureaucracy. She realized the need to be agile, make quick decisions, and implement them just as quickly. Her company wasn’t moving fast enough and this was causing issues for the clients.

In 2008, she quit her job and started a marketing agency with a colleague. After three years of unsustainable growth, Kristina decided to pivot and start Witmer Group as the sole founder.

“Having a technical mindset means not being afraid to break something—then you have to figure out how to fix it, and you learn so much in the process.”

Flash forward to the present, and Witmer Group is celebrating its 13th year in business. Over the past decade, Kristina and her team of marketing specialists have helped countless local and national companies solve their toughest marketing challenges.

“I embrace the strategic mindset that modern marketing is best when you use emotions and technology to create a desired action from the target audience.”

What does the future hold for Witmer Group?

Kristina strives to continue to be a part of the global discussion on marketing trends and tactics that help achieve client goals. From lead generation to lead nurturing and beyond, Witmer Group will deliver tangible results for clients.

“Technology continues to change at an ever-increasing rapid pace. I believe embracing new technology is critical to help businesses achieve their marketing goals. The future will likely be different than we expect—and that’s what I find the most exciting.”