About Kristina

Say hello to our intrepid leader, Kristina Witmer. Leading by example is just part of her smarts. Kristina listens and cares about her teammates and her clients. She’ll ask you a lot of questions, partly to get to know you and partly to find out what you need so she can help you get it. Friendly, smart, and lots of fun to know, Kristina is forever moving forward in the marketing world.

Twenty years ago, Kristina could be found amidst the agency buzz of marketing, advertising, and interactive media. She has honed her skills in marketing consulting and developing integrated strategies over time, sharing with her clients what fuels their growth and ROI.

A big picture thinker, Kristina is unafraid of stepping outside her comfort zone when it comes to bold, new ideas that get results. Her team produces marketing communication that hits the mark. Witmer Group specializes in online marketing and technology solutions that digs deep into understanding what her clients need, then delivers spot on solutions.

Prior to forming Witmer Group, Kristina gained momentum as CTO of Wave IMS; Interactive Strategist at JWT; Client Director at Omnicom owned Bernard Hodes; and Branch Manager at Grant Harrison Advertising.

Kristina is a loyal Dallas Stars fan and Xbox aficionado. Her passion for the latest technology is intense. She stays fascinated by the evolution of social networking, both as a contributor and influencer.