About Joo Ann

She’s all about accurate storytelling.

A curious cat at heart with unsatisfiable appetite for discovery, Joo Ann has spent more than 6 years diving head first into pools of messy data. What can you learn from your data? Well, let’s find out! A creative + analytics nerd, she is never out of ideas to test, and questions to ask. Let’s plan an experiment and find out what works best for you. Now, seriously, she wants to help you take over the world!

Prior to Witmer Group, Joo Ann was a PhD student studying quantitative methods at York University and a finalist (with her BFF Cathy) in a big data competition sponsored by SAS. She won awards in teaching and research, and is also one of the instructors at Divergence Academy’s Data Science Bootcamp. Feel free to ask her questions. She won’t bite!