Social Media and the Poderoso Hispanic Market

If numbers don’t lie, then we would be hard pressed to ignore the $1.5 trillion socially connected, mobile-first Hispanic consumer demographic that is larger than ever before – and growing.

With a total population of 54 million; 26 million on Facebook; 12 million on Twitter and 9.6 million on Instagram, the Hispanic audience is an exciting, unusual blend of bilingual Hispanics, Spanish-dominant Hispanics and English-dominant Hispanics, those who speak Spanish and others who speak Spanglish, bilingual Millennial, Latina Moms, Spanish-dominant males and the list goes on. And many actual users who are interested in Hispanic content may not necessarily be ethnically Hispanic.

So who can afford to ignore social media to Hispanics with this kind of disruptive analytics?

Speaking of disruptors…nothing has rocked the boat quite like social media. A recent study by Deloitte Digital showed that shoppers are 30% more predisposed to make a purchase the same day when they use social media for shopping. Social customers are also about four times more likely than non-social users to spend more on their digital shopping spree.

To simplify how to create social media marketing to harness this poderoso Hispanic market, here are some tips:

Tools & Resources: Analytics are the key to understanding and engaging your audience, Hispanic or otherwise. Facebook Audience Insights is a great tool that allows you to zero in on your brand’s target market — by interest. The range can be significant between sub-segments such as bilingual Hispanics and English-dominant Hispanics when it comes to their interests and passions.

Conversations: Listen and you will hear social conversations by the thousands, maybe millions, talking news, information, health, sports, technology and more. They’re speaking in every language, not just Spanish or English or even Spanglish. What you’ll discover is U.S. Hispanic social media conversations are among the top trends.

Content:  Leverage consumer passion points and cultural interests with culturally relevant content. Listen to what is being said and bring top moments front of mind in a natural, organic way that adds purpose and value.

Influencers: Consumers follow the influencers. They gain traction with their following and represent multiple venues of media. Consumers not only follow influencers, they relate to these people and trust them. The value is priceless when you consider the scale of social influencers in the Hispanic culture.

Community: Get in front of community leaders who drive social channels that affect your brand. These are the people who have real-time conversations with users, take in feedback and assess their experience with the brand.

So what will it take to woo such a viable, poderoso audience and keep them?  Listening with clarity, implementing informed strategy with analytics, developing fresh content that speaks their language and ultimately, winning hearts, minds and rewards of their spending power.