Setting Up Your Drip Email Campaign

You’ve made an important decision to embrace drip email campaigning, so now that you’ve got the strategic portion figured out, the next step is to get it set up. First, identify your target audience or audiences and put them in the right list. This is where we define settings for when each type of email is sent out.

Then take a moment to plan your campaign for each prospective consumer. What will the series of emails look like starting with the nurturing phase through the sale/conversion and on to the renewal? How many emails will you send to each consumer? How often? And remember, each email must match where they are in the sales cycle.

A critical part of creating your email is to devise something that will instantly capture the consumer’s attention – something that convinces them to stick with your service or product. What is the strongest differentiator that makes your service or product top drawer? Your message must be clear and impactful, yet concise.

Once your drip email campaign is up and running, you must evaluate it regularly to make sure it’s working for you. If you are dissatisfied with the results you’re getting, try revising your schedule or reworking your emails to zero in on a particular demographic.

Don’t be discouraged if this seems like more work than it’s worth. Once your drip email campaign is all set up, you’ll realize the valuable benefits of hands-free marketing. And, with the proper alerts in place, you will be notified as a cold lead turns to a warm lead – prompting you to take further action. All the while, your campaign is working for you, and you are free to focus on other tasks that need your attention and creativity.