Local SEO Marketing Strategy Tricks that are Easy to Overlook

You are probably already focusing on your local SEO marketing strategy and activities like never before. The benefits of local search marketing are well-known; whether you are looking to take on established national and international names on your doorstep or build up a loyal customer base so you can grow organically and become a big name yourself, local SEO is a powerful tool to implement.

However, carrying out all of the local SEO ‘must do’ activities is sometimes the only things that businesses do. Do not get us wrong; such an SEO marketing strategy will have a powerful impact on its own, but going above and beyond will help your business to take the next step when it comes to your local rankings.

What are the additional things you could be doing in addition to maintaining a social presence and ensuring you are present on Google+ Local? We appreciate that these will place an added burden on your time, but are confident that you will see a real difference and a positive level of payback as you move forward.

Targeting Niche Citations
We mentioned Google+ Local, but you can throw Bing Business Portal, Yell.com, or any other business directory into this equation. Yes, having your business listed on these directories is great, but going deeper will be even better.

What are the specific directories that exist for your industry? Are there any business directories that are specific to your local area? While people might still use Google+, you can expect to pick up extra traffic from such citations, as well as the SEO positives for the relevant backlink.

Work Offline to Benefit Online
It is understandable that a local business would assume that all of their SEO efforts relate to what they do online. It is well known that what we do online can have an impact offline and the reverse is also true.

Think about the things your business can do in your local area that would boost your profile. Starting a student work program, sponsoring the local care home, or donating a prize for the town fair are all ideas of things you could do.

How does this help local SEO? It will get local residents and local media talking about you online and mentioned in news articles, bringing you extra prominence both locally and potentially on a wider scale.

Blog and Forum Commenting
Because blogs and forums have been around almost since the advent of the internet, many people have written them off as old and no longer relevant. It is true that reduced numbers of people are now doing these things, but it would be wrong to say that they can no longer have an impact.

Again, every time you comment on a local blog or forum you have the opportunity to get a link, but you should go beyond this and look to be providing valuable information and positioning yourself as a great local resource.

The Personal Touch
More a general tip that small and local businesses often forget rather than something SEO related; be personable in everything that you do, whether it is online or offline. The attraction to a local business is often a lot to do with what you can offer beyond a fantastic product or service; the friendly face, familiarity, and personal touch count for a lot in the eyes of the consumer.

Place a focus on these overlooked areas of local SEO marketing strategy, in addition to what you already do, and you will soon see the benefits begin to stack up.

Guest Author Bio: BrightLocal are specialists in local SEO tools for all types of business looking to improve their search engine presence.