And Now for Something Completely Different …

Who was it that said, “If you keep doing the same thing the same way, you can expect the same results”? I don’t remember either, but it gave me pause when I thought about it.

Why are we so intimidated by stepping outside of our comfort zone? (Rhetorical question).

These days we are all vying for the same target audiences. It takes a much larger gorilla in the room to get your product or service noticed than it used to. Now people expect a gorilla that can speak five languages and do html coding.

So how far out on that limb do we go to arrest the attention of possible new leads?

Let’s put it this way. If you’re looking for the best online marketing experts who can generate the most new business leads, you expect confidence, track record and wow factor to be oozing from their pores.

Yes, there are limits, but don’t confine yourself to a cozy spot where nobody gets hurt. Marketing is a kind of war, if you will. Give them something they least expect. A sucker punch in the imagination will sometimes do it. Don’t shy away from different. It just might be your new best friend.