Now Tell Us What You Really Think…Communicate!

Far too much time is spent in so-called communication, dancing around the real core of many topics or issues. Imagine how much easier it would be if we simply cut to the chase and tell one another what we really think about … a concept, headline, content, campaign, marketing strategy.

But what about protocol, decorum, good etiquette and basic good manners?

Yes, well, we can always be polite and respectful and still be direct. It just seems that when we are not to the point, we become a roadblock to arriving at the goal. And that’s assuming we have a unified goal.

You see, if I ask you to help me generate new customers for my lawn mowing business, wouldn’t it be a good idea to communicate and tell you the things I don’t want or don’t like or have tried already and failed?

The sooner you get to the point, the sooner everyone can go to work on reaching the goal. That’s more important than schmoozing, bringing donuts to the meeting or worst of all, clamming up in the meeting because someone offended you.

Come on people; let’s get to work like adults. Communicate honestly, directly, respectfully but always on topic with the goal at the top of the agenda.