Happy Business Anniversary to Us!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years! Having a business anniversary is a time to reflect on a few things. So here goes!

  1. Where it all started. When Witmer Group became a real thing I was just exiting my previous partnership. A business that spent a lot of time educating companies big and small about the use of social media for their own marketing. An idea that rarely needs to be explained nowadays (though you might be surprised for a few of them). So when Witmer Group was kicking off we really went in a direction with a bigger technology focus, SEO techniques – which have changed SO much since then, paid advertising, analytics, content and marketing automation. We were early in the game for a lot of people, but well poised to take small and mid-sized businesses into claiming their online space.
  2. The middle years. I have no doubt that these will soon be classified as the ‘early years’ but for now we will sandwich it in the middle. As we grew it became clear that building from the ground up was a whole lot easier than the wobbly place of maintaining existing business while continuing to grow in number of clients and the scope of our retainers. There was a transition for myself of intense networking to more maintenance and growth of the clients.
  3. The here and now. Wow. I say that at least every other day. I’m continually amazed by all that we are doing for clients. And to be honest, by how damn smart we are. Seriously, sit in a room with us and we will blow your socks off. We have become heavily focused on using conversion data and analytics to drive all of our marketing actions. It’s that simple. And when you talk data (proof) everything else falls in line. Of course I’m not saying things are always smooth and that it’s always easy, but wow, just wow.

If you’ve been part of this amazing journey, THANK YOU! I have enjoyed all of the experiences and people along the way. Even the few instances where someone got the best of me, I never failed to learn something about myself and business.