3 Smart, Rewarding Reasons to Repurpose Your Content

Just because you posted your content once is no assurance that everyone has seen it. Repurposing content gives your message new legs and puts it front of new eyes.

Repurposing your content doesn’t mean you can simply copy and paste it into another platform. The first step is to determine which content is worth recycling, then decide how you can make it different while keeping the strength and high points of the original message.

Look at your metrics, when deciding what content to repurpose. If a piece of content has performed well, think about what can be done to deliver a fresh experience. You probably have content in your archives that would benefit from being updated.

There are tremendous benefits to repurposing content and it’s an easy way to fill the gaps of your content schedule because most of the work has already been done.

Go back through your data, find your best-performing content, and transform it into something new that will lift your organic traffic and leads. Take a cue from all the successful examples I’ve listed here — it’s a lot easier than you think.

Gain a wider audience – Getting the content you already have in the hands of more people is a benefit of repurposing your content. You have the opportunity to reach new audience segments that otherwise may have never found it.

Reinforcing your message – Repurposing content helps to galvanize your message. Buyers need to hear your message approximately seven times before they will close the deal. Remember this in case you think you’re being redundant. Content repurposing a valuable strategy to reinforce your message and support your brand.

Save time and resources – You don’t have to crank out new content as often when you repurpose, however, it’s important to make it relevant. Granted most of the work has been done, but a fresh angle is a must, whether it’s based on changes in the industry or technology or a trending topic tied to your business.

Additional smart, creative ways to repurpose your content.

  1. Turn blog posts into podcasts
  2. Turn internal data into case studies
  3. Use blog content for video content
  4. Gather content for an e-book
  5. Make a slide deck for SlideShare
  6. Use testimonials for social media content
  7. Update old blog posts with new information
  8. Use statistics for social media content
  9. Refer to blog content for online courses
  10. Offer guest contributions for topics you’ve already covered

Remember, not everyone will see your content the first time you post, so repurposing it and giving it a different look and tone, but keeping the information intact, can help you achieve greater reach and new engagement.

Also, one last tip is to make your original content long form, that way when you go to repurpose it, you can more easily snip pertinent sections that contain the essentials of the content. And remember to pay special attention to content formatting, which can be different when you change platforms.

From converting blog content into captivating videos to creating eye-catching visuals for your social channels from your videos, there are tons of ways you can repurpose content and get results that may surprise you.Witmer Group specializes in creating high-quality, persuasive content that can help engage your audience, drive new traffic, and ultimately convert website visitors into buyers. Let our skilled content team show you how repurposing your content is just one of many strategies to guide you to new business growth. Contact Witmer Group today!