Your Brand Is Equal To Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the new Branding. It’s the way your audience thinks about your product or service. It’s a perception; an experience that marks your brand as either highly sought-after, missing the mark or somewhere in between.

Content Marketing is a promise just as your Brand is a promise. It is the language, tone, voice, message, and yes – it is the promise that will attract and retain customers. When you communicate with your customers and prospects you are delivering relevant information that makes them more discerning and more knowledgeable.

Seriously successful Content Marketing (Branding) will stop your audience in their tracks. They will pause, read, take action, bookmark, share, order, sign up, or, in other words: show immediate interest in your product or service with a desire to know more.

Consider some of the Brand Champions of the day. These are prominent examples of how the name alone calls to mind the over-arching brand experience.

  • Google – online anything, just ‘Google It’
  • Apple – the next ‘Big Thing’
  • Volvo – safety through testing
  • Red Cross – help is on the way
  • Coca Cola – Flavor and feel good on a global scale

[Read more about what makes a Brand Champion and how they strategically gain the momentum to rise to the top through Content Marketing and more.)

If your goal is to build your business, then start with building your audience by creating Content Marketing that elevates, enhances, and epitomizes your Brand. Take seriously your job of educating your audience to understand, like, use and share your Brand. Think of your Content Marketing as a currency that you’re trading for the time, interest and trust of your audience.

If you take away nothing else from this blog, do remember this one simple, yet powerful statement: Content remains the driving force behind any effective online marketing.

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