What’s Your Marketing Strategy for 2022?

digital marketing 2022

New year, new options, new tools, and new ideas await your smart choices.

None of us can predict what’s ahead for 2022 any more than we could have known how 2020 would change the face of marketing as we knew it. But some things are certain. The year ahead will include marketing that’s more diverse, inclusive, and connected to real customers’ real needs.

Knowing how to prepare a diligent marketing strategy for 2022 will demand that we understand certain fundamental changes. Marketing has moved beyond providing tactical solutions to changing the landscape and producing proactive strategies that create real, tangible results.

Here are some trends and smart tips to help guide you in planning your marketing strategy for 2022.

  • Influencer marketing will continue to grow because these campaigns essentially provide context and relevance since the influencer is endorsing the product. Be part of it.
  • Privacy issues such as the iOS update and pending removal of cookies are challenging to digital advertising since the ads rely on data to automatically optimize. Stay up on it
  • Strategic thinking is needed to focus on what really drives business growth in order to manage the impact of automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Go all-in with LinkedIn, a true rock star in the digital space as they continue to launch new features that drive better results for business.
  • SEO, one of the most valued, revered digital marketing tools, is now impacted more by contextual search algorithms, making the need to focus less on the tricks of SEO and more on providing a meaningful experience to users.
  • Experiences are the most valuable focus at every stage of interactions with customers in order to earn priceless social media word-of-mouth.
  • Digital jobs are the most in demand everywhere, so organizations must provide employees with ongoing advanced skills, training, and empowerment.
  • Facebook isn’t going away regardless of what the headlines say and with 3 billion users and growing … well, you get the idea.
  • Websites continue to be crushingly mobile, so website optimization is crucial.
  • Algorithms drive every part of digital marketing and they optimize for one reason: user experience. To stay relevant, your customers need access to their demands.
  • Focus on doing fewer things better. Strive to dominate one channel, rather than attempt to be all things to all people.
  • Stay focused on the foundation of your business. Avoid being distracted by every new digital gadget that comes along. By simply optimizing your base, you’ll usually see a better ROI than you will by experimenting with the latest and greatest tool.

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