What’s in It for Your Customers?

Do you actually know what your customers really want or need?

If your customers could find answers to what they need and come up with viable solutions on their own, they likely would do so. They are turning to you for help because they don’t know what to do. If you’re unable to offer a new perspective or idea that they need; a different way of doing things — you might as well throw in the towel

Your customers do not want to be sold — even if it’s the best, latest, greatest gizmo or service on Earth. The hard sell is out. What they do want is valuable information and collaboration. They want to know that you care enough about them and want to work with them to find solutions.

Your customers want to know what’s in it for them. They will buy from you once you have convinced them you can deliver what you say you can. And it’s near impossible to do that unless you believe it yourself.

When you talk with your customers, listen to them. Your customers know when you’re listening, so don’t just wait for your turn to break into the conversation and speak – really listen to what they’re saying. And when you do speak, turn off your ‘radio voice’ or your ‘elevator speech’. Be part of a conversation that builds relationships.

Beyond connecting the dots between your customers’ needs and your company’s offering, widen your value proposition; widen your reach. Connect beyond just your customers to their friends, family, and others who will also benefit by what you have to offer.

Craft your most compelling solution and don’t shy away from talking cost. Customers know there is a degree of risk in any business venture, but they look to you to be transparent. Address the potential problems as well as the benefits.

Connect with your customer (or potential customer) in the most personable way possible. People like to do business with people they like. And, finally, provide them with the value and proof that you’re the best. After all, if you can’t deliver, don’t blame them for going elsewhere.