The Good, the Bad and the Need-to-Know of Social Media

It’s true that social media has revolutionized marketing. And, it’s also true that social media makes it easier to reach a much larger audience more quickly and at a measurably lower cost. However, companies and businesses need to be aware of the risks and potential liability tied to advertising and marketing in social media.

There are new legal challenges faced by social media, which oddly related to the same laws that govern ads and promotions that run in other mediums. Perhaps it’s because social media tends to be a casual medium that allows for quick campaign launches that advertisers and marketers think the rules don’t apply.

Depending on how far down you want to drill to get the facts, you should know there are good resources out there to guide you. Bloomberg BNA’s Social Media Law & Policy Report™ is a comprehensive source for social media-related law and policy information. It gives you timely and reliable news coverage and real-world insight into the shifting legal issues surrounding social media. Social media aspects covered include:

  • Labor & Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  •  Health
  •  Litigation
  •  Securities
  •  Privacy
  •  Internet Law
  •  Advertising/Marketing

Clearly defined social media guidelines are equally important as the legal aspects. It will also maintain consistency throughout your network.  Here are some good ones.

    • A social media policy needs to have more dos than don’ts to be effective.
    • Automatic posts, including tweets, are fine sometimes: If not scheduled more than a day or so ahead; if turned off quickly after unexpected events that might make them seem insensitive or out-of-touch; and if monitored regularly for responses, questions, or conversations
    • Otherwise, auto posting leads to one-way communication instead of social conversation.
    • Engagement takes work and an actual human presence.
    • Social influence is real and very powerful.
    • Social media is a direct line to customers, clients and valuable relationships.
    • No one social media tool or channel is essential for a brand to use.
    • But if choosing to use a particular social site don’t neglect it.
    • Visuals, headlines, and design all count when posting content; but your message offering insight or lessons is the most important.
  • Measurement is essential and should include qualitative and quantitative data.

So if you are dealing with any questions or difficulties, Witmer Group can help you navigate this space and mitigate potential risks along the way.