Striking The Right Tone In Your Marketing Message

In current business culture, successful companies dedicate a lot of time to establishing a corporate culture that keeps employees engaged.  Big monitors, comfy chairs, a foosball table in the breakroom. While all of these things help to keep good employees around, they are not, typically, the product that is being sold.

The same can be said for your marketing message.  So much of the message isn’t about the thing being sold, but about HOW you are selling it.  The choice of colors, fonts, semantics and images go a long way to letting potential customers know about your company. There is a reason that a ransom note looks different than a print ad for Godiva chocolate. As a company, then, the challenge is to find the right tone in your marketing message that best reflects what your business is all about.  Not only will it help to differentiate you from competitors, but it gives potential customers an idea of what type of people or products they are going to spend their hard-earned money on.

Striking the correct tone in your marketing message is especially critical if you are selling something highly technical or complex.  Think about it this way:  when a dog is out walking with his owner, he may not understand the words the owner is using, but he understands the tone of the words being said.  Good business copy can set a tone that makes potential customers trust and engage with you, even if they may not understand everything that you are saying.  On the flip side, cluttered web pages, awkward copy, and dated graphic design can make million dollar companies look like they are operating out of a garage and have potential customers walking away.

As an organization, what can you do? Just like developing a strong company culture for employees; organizations that spend time on the front end thinking about the look and feel of their messaging have a leg up in the long run.  Spend time picking colors, logos, fonts and even a verbiage that reflect your company’s values:  serious or fun-loving?  Elegant or casual? Technical or for the everyman? Clearly defining the tone will give anyone with a hand in creating your message a sense of what you are about.  It also serves as a reminder to your employees what you stand for.  Being in the right mindset will also give new creative ideas a place to flourish.

Alternatively, waiting until the work is finished to decide on tone is like running to the corner drug store to buy employee gifts the day of the holiday party.  It feels forced and awkward and everyone involved can tell that shortcuts were taken.  That’s not the kind of message you want to give your customers. A little planning to set your tone goes a long way, and is time well spent in the long run.

Finally, test your message against your materials. Before anything goes live or gets published your marketing team can ask:  Does this reflect our values? Does this speak to our audience in the way we like them to see us?  Moving ahead consistently and cohesively will make your organization look more polished and professional.

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