Social Media Love

Social Media – I’ve never seen another marketing medium like it.

Anyone who has experienced the true value of social media marketing knows that ‘social media love’ is where it’s at. Social media ENGAGEMENT is the act of leveraging someone else’s connections to boost yourself into other realms you wouldn’t have had access to previously. It’s like grabbing the hand of someone in your network and them boosting you up and into their world.

And it’s not fake, or contrived.

It’s real, authentic and mutually beneficial.

I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen it successfully connect businesses to vendors, prospects and partners.

It’s worked for us. And it’s worked for our clients.

Here’s a quick first few steps to get you started. The key is – don’t be afraid – just go out there and start ‘shaking hands’ with people online.

Step 1: Know yourself. Unless you are authentic with your own areas of interest, personal likes and areas of expertise this isn’t going to work. Now you’ve got credibility!

Step 2: Make a list of people you’d like to connect with. This can be broad – a company name, marketing people in Dallas, non-profits, etc. Now you’ve got focus!

Step 3: Search on Twitter for these types of people and wade through the results. Follow those of interest. Now you’ve got action!

Step 4: Look for opportunities to: a) make a relevant comment b) tag them in an appropriate piece of info or news c) directly message them and share or ask a question. Now you’ve got purpose!

Follow these steps and you will grow your own personal and business social network.

Once the foundation is set then it’s up to you to participate in social conversations. One of the easiest ways is during events, conferences, lunches, etc. At EVERY event happening today, there’s another social conversation happening. And it’s easy to be part of it.

Ping me online @witgirl and I’ll show you how easy it can be to see how social can work for you.