Social Media is a Must. Not an Option.

What began as a fun way to stay in touch with friends and make new ones has now grown into a bustling, industry-buzzing business mainstay. Social media should be looked upon as an opportunity for businesses to be able to connect with their customers in a range of activities.

Social media brings instant comment for and from customers, suppliers and competitors. Where a business is not part of these social media activities, customers may feel left out because they won’t experience being a part of the relationship they hold with the business.

Why You Need Social Media:

  • You will reach a larger audience using social media than you will with traditional marketing and advertising that once ruled. Why? Social media provides an instant result.

  • If social media is implemented correctly, your costs associated with marketing and advertising will be measurably reduced. That savings can then be passed on to your customers or be considered increased profit for your business.

  • Creating and developing a brand can be an expensive endeavor for any business, yet the most important first step you take. Statistics show that because social media is now the #1 activity of users on the Internet, using it to spread the word about your brand is the fastest, less costly way to build your brand and unseat your competition.

  • You will reach more people in less time, inevitably leading to increased revenue. Because your consumers are influencing a range of people that includes their friends, family and colleagues — your customer base will increase faster.

  • The kind of interaction that social media makes possible creates opportunities for you to reach out and discover what people are talking about and what they want — on a global scale.

To better understand successful protocols and best practices of social media, visit Intel Social Media Guidelines. This will give you with a roadmap to better understanding how leading businesses such as Intel are successfully using social media.