Online Video Marketing – Getting Content from Unlikely Places

We are always trying to encourage our clients to stay on top of their SEO efforts. Whether it be from blogging or through updated website content, everyone knows that content rules the realm. A fresh and content-rich website is your best chance of being recognized with Google’s ever-changing optimization algorithms. You can read all over the Internet to discover what you have to do to create the perfect, most visible website. The debate is on and there seem to be only a few things all the experts agree on – Content must be fresh and relevant.

SEO gurus agree that online video marketing on your website is great for SEO. Showing video creates a direct link to customers and provides your website with the content to be recognized by search engines.

You can get a video for your website from unlikely places.  For example, many companies will videotape meetings, events, luncheons and other business-related activities.  If your business does not do any of the above, consider starting. And then put them on your blog and write about the event. Share them on multiple platforms. You will get immediate fresh web content from your video AND from the new blog content you post!

To learn more about online video marketing and to see examples of how video content can work for your business, contact Witmer Group today!