How to Avoid LinkBaiting

Content marketing campaigns work and they work well. Linkbaiting does not work well for sustainable and successful marketing campaigns. People are far more likely to click through to an interesting article, video, or visual like an infographic. That is because quality content, perceived as interesting or valuable, is a better draw to targeted audiences than a straight up advertisement. This is what makes content marketing campaigns so successful. recently posted a fantastic article explaining how to create and manage ongoing content marketing campaigns. The title of the article is a little misleading, “Stop Linkbait before it Ruins Content Marketing,” but I understand the author’s point.  If you are creating high quality, relevant content for your audience, your content marketing campaign is not just baiting the viewer to click through, only to be disappointed by the lack of content on the other end. When campaigns provide low quality or advertisements at the end of a link, well, that is linkbaiting. We agree this is something to avoid, don’t trick your audience. No one likes that. We enjoyed reading the article and hope you do as well!

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