Instagram & Marketing – For Business

Instagram isn’t just a great platform for amateur and professional photographers, artists, chefs and videographers. It is an amazing platform for any business that is serious about social media marketing.

Search engine optimization is one of the quintessential elements of internet marketing. Many people dismissed it a decade back. Today, social media marketing on platforms like Instagram has become quintessential for online outreach.

That should probably tell you if it is a good idea to invest in marketing on Instagram. Now, the real question is how you should go about it.

Instagram allows you to get accustomed with the top trends. Not only would you be able to figure out what’s trending and what people are saying but you shall be able to delve into the details to truly understand the market sentiment. Not everything that trends is actually endorsed. A lot of negative trends also shape up. Get to know what’s happening in your niche or on social media in general. You would understand your audience, their online behavior, preference, and dislikes and accordingly you can present your own brand.

Knowing the trends will influence your interaction with your audience and that is a great boost to your marketing endeavors. A good example will be Dunkin’ Donuts which has been using some of the most obvious contexts to interact with its fans. The brand uses every sporting event, public holidays or national events to interact with its audience. From Thanksgiving to Halloween, Super Bowl to Christmas, the brand uses every opportunity to make its presence felt.

Engagement is the key to Instagram marketing. A brand shouldn’t indulge in the bombardment of marketing contents or promotional materials. The timelines of the audience must not be treated as billboards. A brand must contribute some value to the conversations, burning topics or current affairs and should make the audience feel special.

Instagram helps businesses to learn what the audience likes, what they have to say about different things, how they respond to certain marketing strategies, what kind of content they are appreciating and who all they are rejecting outright. Knowing these will always help a business to become more relevant and thus more liked.