Innovations and Trends that are Moving Business Forward

Emerging from dark days into the light of discovery and reinvention, the ‘business of business’ enlivens.

If 2020 taught us nothing else, we cogently learned the value of good health. After all, if the world has all the latest and greatest innovations and technology possible, what good is it without healthy citizens to enjoy it -- free, alive, well, and moving forward?

A healthy society means children don’t go to bed hungry. A healthy society means innovative education for everyone. This last year of shocking challenges and surprising heroism has revealed the dire need for rethinking so many things: healthcare, sustainable food production, educational improvement, and overall equality on many levels.

There’s little doubt that the impact of the pandemic has unduly hurt small business owners. An unprecedented wave of creativity has evolved, helping to drive businesses forward even in an unpredictable market.

The increase of digital marketing and trends that were underway before the pandemic have moved digital strategies forward, with four out of five small business owners saying they will increase their use of digital tools and services going forward.

A refocused drive to maximize efficiency and serve customers wherever they are is measurably moving businesses into the months ahead.

Forget ‘business as usual’ and be the business that is permanently changed for the better.

From remote and hybrid styles of working, to increased tech use and social media marketing, the pandemic has accelerated many trends that existed long before the first COVID-19 outbreak occurred. But because of the unpredictability of the virus, it’s important to be prepared for some unexpected market changes.

Automation, AI, Apps, Social Media Marketing, and generally rethinking and reinventing business offerings have all moved into fast forward mode since 2020. Innovations and trends that will be with us from now on include:

  • Remote and Hybrid Working - Embrace the ‘new normal’ of the workplace
  • Business Adaptability - Find ways to reinvent or repurpose your business
  • Social Media Marketing - Stay connected and stay relevant
  • Contactless Delivery - A plus and a challenge, but here to stay
  • Small Business Support - More important than ever for economic growth
  • Conscious, Responsible Consumerism - Choosing to be better, accountable consumers

Don’t be shy. Remember that your own story is the story of your business. Social media marketing will help you to tell your story, but tell it well. The community many of us grew up with is not the same community will have today. The new ‘Main Street’ puts the customer at the center. Use the opportunity well.

The pandemic revealed many things, one of which is the strong connection consumers feel to their communities. Consumer buying patterns prove this to be true. Using Local SEO strategies will help direct more new customers your way.

The future is about maintaining and understanding customers. While it’s impossible to predict the future, it is possible to embrace smart trends and business indicators that will move your business forward.  Contact Witmer Group for fresh, new ideas for all of your digital marketing needs. Share your ideas with Witmer Group and we will collaborate to generously contribute to your business growth.